Avionero makes flight search easy

We offer a unique and intuitive way to search combined with an easy-to-use interface and advanced AI technology.

Why flight search?
We've always found that searching for flights is difficult, especially when you want to keep your options open. Most flight search sites work like a database: you need to know your destination and dates.
But what if you are flexible?
For example:
A family with two kids
looking for a holiday
somewhere warm
in early spring
Instead of manually trying out different combinations, let Avionero search for you to find your perfect flight.
Tell us about your requirements!

Tell us about your requirements!
We believe that great products are created together with users.
Did you have any difficulty finding the right flights?
Tell us your requirements and we’ll make sure to meet them!
Why is Avionero better?
We believe that great products are created together with users.
We use machine learning and AI technology to not just show you the fastest or the cheapest options, but to provide smart recommendations for the best options for your needs.
We believe that user experience should adapt to how people are actually searching for flights. We've made a fast and convenient interface that helps you to select flights and keeps you informed.
Avionero is not only quicker and easier to use, but it also provides a much better experience for selecting flights, making it a pleasure rather then necessity.
We get a lot of responses when we demonstrate our ideas
I think your project is one of the most interesting upcoming startups in Sweden.
Tatiana Solodko,

Business Development Manager at Amadeus
Markus Aldebäck

CEO at MrOrange
What you are doing is what we tried to do, but I never had someone with your expertise.
Sofia Franzén

Founder of Oweegoo
Doing what should have been done years ago.
Johan Bloem

A team with extremely good in-depth knowledge of this project, a product that is needed and about which everyone will say “Why didn’t anyone do this before?”
Erik Andersson

Red Lion Holding AB
You have a fantastic product.
Mattias Sesemann

Previous CEO at Travelpartner
We are always looking for opportunities to work with meta-search sites and investors. If you are interested in working with us, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at hello@avionero.com and we’ll figure something out!
Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union