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Flights to Japan

from London
1 Adult, Economy
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9558 km

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Airports in Japan

Japan has 67 airports.
Chubu Centrair International Airport NGO
Fukue Airport FUJ
Fukuoka Airport FUK
Fukushima Airport FKS
Hachijojima Airport HAC
Iwami Airport IWJ
Hakodate Airport HKD
Hanamaki Airport HNA
Haneda Airport HND
Miyako Airport MMY
Hiroshima Airport HIJ
Hiroshima-Nishi Airport HIW
Wakkanai Airport WKJ
Ibaraki Airport IBR
Iki Airport IKI
New Ishigaki Airport ISG
Itami - Osaka International Airport ITM
MCAS Iwakuni IWK
Izumo Airport IZO
Yamagata Airport GAJ
Kagoshima Airport KOJ
Kansai International Airport KIX
Kitakyushu Airport KKJ
Kobe Airport UKB
Kochi Airport KCZ
Komatsu Airport KMQ
Kumamoto Airport KMJ
Kumejima Airport UEO
Kushiro Airport KUH
Matsuyama Airport MYJ
Memanbetsu Airport MMB
Miho-Yonago Airport YGJ
Misawa Air Base MSJ
Miyazaki Airport KMI
Monbetsu Airport MBE
Nagasaki Airport NGS
Nagoya Airfield NKM
Naha Airport OKA
Nakashibetsu Airport SHB
Narita International Airport NRT
New Chitose Airport CTS
Niigata Airport KIJ
Noto Airport NTQ
Tokachi-Obihiro Airport OBO
Odate-Noshiro Airport ONJ
Oita Airport OIT
Okadama Airport OKD
Okayama Airport OKJ
Oki Airport OKI
Omura Airport OMJ
Oshima Airport OIM
Rishiri Airport RIS
Saga Airport HSG
Sendai Airport SDJ
Nanki-Shirahama Airport SHM
Shizuoka Airport FSZ
Shonai Airport SYO
Takamatsu Airport TAK
Tokushima Airport TKS
Tottori Airport TTJ
Toyama Airport TOY
Tsushima Airport TSJ
Yamaguchi Ube Airport UBJ
Akita Airport AXT
Amami Airport ASJ
Aomori Airport AOJ
Asahikawa Airport AKJ

Weather in Japan

Weather in Japan Cities right now:
Clear sky
3 m/s
47 %
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Monthly weather

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